Dental Schools in Texas

Dental Schools in Texas
Austin Community College, this college is located in Austin TX, this school offers a associate degree, in Dental Hygiene, those who receive an Associated Degree from the program will be eligible to take Regional Credentialing Examinations test, to become a registered and licensed dental Hygienist. The school is accredited by the American Dental association. Once you graduate from the program you can be eligible to pursue a career as a Dental Hygienist. There are however certain requirements that must be met before one
can be eligible to enter into the Dental Hygiene program, which includes, admission to the school and completing a certain amount of prerequisite courses, but this not necessarily guarantee students a spot into the actual dental program. The school does offer financial aid assistance, and has a scholarship program for second year students. Estimated cost for school is

– In district $11,841
– Out of District 19,623
– International $29,559

Forms and more information about this school is available on line at

HCCS Coleman College for Health and Sciences HCCS is located in Houston Texas, this school also offers a 2 year program in which you will receive an associated degree in Dental Hygiene. The school is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation. All application for this school are submitted online at Requirements to get into the dental program, include passing the TSI state approved test, and prerequisite courses. All courses must be completed upon acceptance into the dental program.

HCCS does offer financial aid, scholarships, and work study programs, for
students who need help in covering school costs. The cost of this school depends on the number of credit hours you decide to take on average the cost for 16 credit hours are:

– In district $907.60
– Out of district $1,883.60
– Out of State $ 2,251

School of Dental Hygiene UTHSC at Houston, Dental Branch

This school offers a 4 year program, in which you will receive you
can obtain a Bachelor Degree. They have 10 accredited programs that include,
DDS, Dental Hygiene, two primary care general residency programs, and 6
speciality programs in pediatric dentistry, and endodontics, and oral an
maxillofacial surgery. The school also offers a continuing education program as
well. Scholarships and loans are available for this school but it limited,
decisions are based on the need for assistance for school. The cost of the
school is:

Resident $16,125 per year
Non Resident $ 26,925