Looking for Texas Dental Insurance?

If you have been shopping online for dental insurance you most certainly have come across hundreds, if not thousands, of options for TX dental insurance. The information on this site will hopefully help guide you to some of the best dental policies available.

First it is important to understand there are two basic “types” of dental products being sold. First there is a discount plan such as dentalplans and there are real dental insurance policies that are offered through insurance carriers and are approved by the Texas Department of Insurance. This site will primarily focus on matching you or your family with well priced, quality dental insurance products.

Currently in Texas most residents are purchasing policies from one of two carriers Humana or United Health.

There is similar coverage with both carriers, but some major differences as well.

First, Similar Coverage:

-Preventive: Two Cleanings, X-rays, and Exams Covered instantly, no waiting periods on these services!

However, there are many differences:

1. United and Humana have 6 month waiting periods on basic dental services (fillings, treatment for dental pain, etc). HOWEVER, the Humana Dental C550 does NOT have a waitng period, on basic services, nor does it have a waiting period on Major services, such as Crowns and Root Canals. Visit No Waiting Period Dental Insurance if you urgently need dental care. Please notice, the Humana C550 does have a limited network of dentist, while this network is limited this plan is the #1 selling plan for people who have put off major dental work and are eagerly in need of fillings, root canals, and crowns.

2. If you are retired, or have become self employed or if your employer does not offer dental insurance, you would probably do best with the TX United Dental Insurance. This policy not only give you access to a huge network of dentist, but after having the plan for 12 months, it will also provide you with excellent coverage on crowns and root canals. With this policy an entire crown may only cost $380-$420. With many dentist charging $900-$1200 per a crown, this policy really takes on a great deal of the financial burden of major dental work.